Slanty, the Christmas Tree From Hell (new! 1/30/04)

Missy & Seven try to fix Brad's candle

Seven hates smokers

Seven & Leslie meet Ron Jeremy

The Adventures of Put-Some-Shoes-On-Man

The Pack of Bratty Kids

Cliche'd Sayings Boy

Your OTHER band is my favorite

Mr. Know it "all"

Chair Humping Boy

Continuous Sound Boy

No-sleep Girl

The Wrong Bartender

Underbite Boy

My Boss Smells Like Ass

The Adventures of The Homophobic Guy

Fun in Business Law Class

King Adam

The Return of King Adam

The Guy who Runs Two Businesses

Cooking With Tori

The Dumbest Waiter Alive


The Loudasses

Gerd's Potty Humor

Ethan the Super-geek

Hell's Bells, Elbows, and Wang Chung, Oh my!




Places Se7ven Would Like To Throw Her Computer

Phone Girl

Portraits of Se7ven

Intro to Multimedia class with Mr.Lanigan

Pogo's Autograph Speech

Others that we shoved onto one page


Big Wreck

Marilyn Manson


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The El Orbits - Guess the song from the cartoon pictograms.


chino by Chino:
Where Should Chino Be?

The Laws of Cartoon Physics


alisson by Alisson:
Hatred of Shirley Temple

Bored in French Class

Forms of Ali and Lisa