A message from Seven:

With Siren in Chicago, me left to my own devices in Houston, and Jug oí Lightniní no longer playing their weekly show on Sunday nights at Rudyardís, I had to find some other way to occupy my time. And I did: Monday nights at Continental Club. One can hear fabulous old timey tunes courtesy of The El Orbits, five rounds of Bingo in between songs and prizes that canít be beat. Eville staff and their friendsí past winnings include: Elton Johnís greatest hits record, Jack Daniels money clip, RC Cola/Little League baseball cap, 2 tootsie pops, CDs, a trophy, a SPIN magazine from a while back with the Offspring on the cover, three atomic fireballs, a tiny stuffed cow (H-E-B Pantry Palģ), a cork-backed tile with a painting of a chicken on it, a Banana Blender Surprise single, a Reeceís stick, and a few other random things Iím sure Iíve forgotten. (Click here to see a huge pile of prizes) But I digress...

A.) If youre an avid eville fan, then you know we get a kick out of drawing silly cartoons on bar napkins.
B.) If youíre an avid fan of the Continental Club, then youíre aware that they happily provide their patrons with bar napkins.
A+B=this feature. We have used crudely drawn comics (as we are prone to do) to illustrate titles of songs played by The El Orbits. See if you can guess what they are. At the bottom of the page, you'll find a link to the answer key.

* * Click here to see the answers * *