Leonard is this guy who Siren and Seven used to work with. He likes to argue about things. Anything. The trouble is, his arguments are never valid and he's almost always wrong.

See Leonard? This is what you get for never visiting the site.


Once we got into an hour-long "debate" with Leonard, who insisted that Andy Warhol had designed the original Campbell's Soup label. He started by saying that one of his teachers had told him this. Then he mentioned that he read it in a book. Later, as his argument lost momentum, the story changed and it was one of his friends who had told him. Not a teacher or a book.

Leonard says the "Meat is Murder" sticker on Siren's car is dumb, because "It's not really murder, if you think about it." No, Leonard. It's not really murder if YOU think about it. If a person with a working brain thinks about it, it is. "It's more like manslaughter; murder is like...thought out and planned and stuff." Apparently the meat industry just works on spur-of-the-moment, whimsical decisions.

A Hard Night's Work With Leonard
(graveyard shift, 6pm-2am)

7:24 - Leonard leaves for "lunch."
8:38 - Leonard arrives back at work with food from Burger King and a skateboard magazine.
8:55 - He reads the skate magazine.
9:48 - He's still reading the skate magazine.
10:22 - He's staring blankly at the computer screen.
11:31 - He's reading the skate magazine, but puts it down and pretends to do work when he sees me looking.
12:48 - Sleeping.
1:14 - Skate magazine.
2:48 - Sleeping.
3:03 - Sleeping with feet up on desk.
4:14 - Goes home
5:45 - Everyone else goes home.



"Can you eat fish? Why can't you eat fish? Every vegetarian I know eats fish."

"You can eat Jack In The Box tacos. I have a friend who's a vegetarian who eats those. There's hardly any meat in them."