Eville Online is proud to present to you...
Anyone can fall out of the stupid tree, but it takes a special kind of idiot to hit each and every branch on the way down. While most people think all these men deserve is a swift kick in their gay-bashing pants, the Eville staff decided to take it one step further. Not only are we going to swiftly provide them with a kick in the pants if we ever see them again, we're going to give them the honor of being the recipients of the first ever Stupid Awards.

The award for "Stupidest Bastard Overall" goes to this man for not only being a gay-bashing idiot, but a gay-bashing idiot REPUBLICAN.


The award for "Last Time I Checked, It Didn't Say That Anywhere in First Corinthians" goes to this man, who obviously obtained this passage from a different Bible than the one the other 50 bajillion people in America have in their homes.


The award for "Least Likely To Ever Get Laid By A Member of Either Sex" goes to this man, because we ALL hate him.


The awards for "Wrongest Interpretation of a Bible Passage" and "Most Despicable & Pathetic Rip Off of an Anti-Drug Slogan" go to these gentlemen


The award for "Most Insecure" goes to this young redneck, who is so uncertain about his own sexuality, he felt it necessary to make TWO signs. What gumption!


The award for "Least Valid Argument Against Homosexuality" goes to this stupid-ass who actually thinks people still give a shit that they're sinning.