This just in: Se7ven and Siren have possibly discovered the REAL lyrics to the Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter. They were unable to come to a firm conclusion as to which set is the authentic version. Anyone who has ever heard this song will understand why. Anyone who hasn't can download it HERE. Actually, we'd like you to download it anyway so you can sing along. After reading all four versions, vote for your favorite! Send us an email at

I own a seether, on a portion, let us in. Then they sail, I won’t Aleve it again. One see-saw-head on a beast house with arms, Zed manned a sin, I won’t aleve it again. On a weed head, wanna whistle all the way, yeah. “Man, It’s Cold!” Nana said and I row on a sail and then I crawl out of bed. And the reason I wanna leave her gun by you, I said, “I know Allah well, He stole a pox on a pack.” I am candy, see them? All on the boys, and our date. Oh wait- I see them around the brown waves. And I know I don’t row, I know Norma’s name. Baby, be quiet. Oh, he waddles under the sun, true, Nell I’ll not come down all the way. I don’t know where there’s a box or a bag. I am Tanya, see there? Oil owns the boy. Ed, I think you’ll wait. My seething rowls the fire wayhead. And I know, and I know, I don’t want estate; I don’t want a snail; I don’t want a steak, Nooo...
Honey feed it on a voice of the glossy, And he said "I won’t believe it again." Once a salthead on a pizza with horses, Wynona said, “I won’t believe it again.” On a wheat field, on a widget, on a whale, and I call nana sane and “I won’t,” Nana said, and I call Nana dead. Heather has died on a viva tomato. I say “I don’t wanna win with a Bosco in my bath.” Tanya seen him. Ho on the Porsche, they’ll get away! I seen him! 'Round the freeway, yeah, and I know Nana knows I don’t want his name. Oh, see! What an old man! He’s somethin’ else! On a comma, go away. Oh, sara! I don’t, I don't know whether it’s a Bosco or a bath. Tanya's seen him, home on the pores. Hey! They get away! I seen him ‘round the front way And I know Nana knows, I don’t want his name.
On a freeway, on a voice of Henna, Dancin’ I wanna leave it again. Wonder Woman on a pizza of losses, on a sleigh, I found a peanut again. On the Ouija, own a wish it all away. Angie calls and I say that he don’t want the same, and I’m goin’ down again. And the reason on a fever soprano, I said, "I don’t wanna wind," and I fight someone again. Oh yeah, can you pee then? Off the porch? A weem-a-waayy... I pee then, ‘round the front way, and I know, and I know I don’t want the sleigh. Ivana won that something song. On the doorman, on the main, Oh vera! I don’t wanna wind and I fight someone again. Can you see then? I own the pores. It’s in the way. I pee then ‘round the front way, And I know, and I know I don’t want the sleigh.
On a seven, an abortion led us there. Edna said, “I wanna leave Ed again.” Once a rye, on a beach of rhythm set. Wanda said, “I wanna leave Ed again.” On a wheel, Ana wished it all away. On a cold winters day, Ana’s cold and I say, “Oh, the car’s loud again.” And Marissa wants a bee. Come on bayou! I said, "I know a chrome whale with a box on her back." Yeah, Can you see them on the boy? They made away. I see them ‘round the flower lay. And I know that aunt Earl, she don’t wind this way. Woo- I got bug lights on my nail! On a slug wet on his head, I don’t want a whale with some bogs or a bat. Oh yeah, cans of semen! Oil on the board, I giggle well. I see them ‘round the foyer, and I know that aunt flow, I don’t want dismay. I don’t want this day. I don’t want a staple.