lovechamp2001: hi, raine, how r u
lovechamp2001: hi natasha, how r u, this is sameer from india and we are very old talkative friends. try to recall. u dont mind girl

raine_chaser: i dont have any talkative friends named sameer that i can recall

lovechamp2001: hey, i dont think its my mistake, u must do something to sharpen ur memory
lovechamp2001: being a texas girl, these kind of sentence does not suit u

raine_chaser: yeah, the girls in Texas always hate sentences

lovechamp2001: fine but we indians are too innocent to hate such damn things.

raine_chaser: what do sentences and being innocent have to do with each other?
raine_chaser: are you on dope?

lovechamp2001: what do u mean by dope, lol

raine_chaser: nevermind.

lovechamp2001: ok, so whats up, in India this is 2.30 pm whats the time there pls

raine_chaser: it's 3am here
raine_chaser: but i dont think time zones work in 30 minute increments

lovechamp2001: so what r u doing there so late, what do u do, in a night shift or ??? lovechamp2001: :)

raine_chaser: i am updating my website

lovechamp2001: so late, do this thing in the morning, why u americans do sleep so late

raine_chaser: well, i can't speak for the rest of the country, but I don't see a problem with it
raine_chaser: i guess Indians are all up at the buttcrack of dawn

lovechamp2001: yes, and ur english conversation is great it mixes the sense of humour also, thanks for such a lovely reply but thats is truth that we Indians do sleep at 10 PM and wake up at 5 am sharp and we consider this as a good signal of health
lovechamp2001: needing ur expert comments on to it

raine_chaser: my expert opinion is that i like sleeping late.

lovechamp2001: this may lead to stomach upset and affect the growth of mind. Try to avoid this, this is considered as a granny's cure and advices

raine_chaser: you have got to be fucking kidding me.

lovechamp2001: by the way, what do u do, natasha - its an indian name, u have some contacts with India?

raine_chaser: no. i was named after Natasha Fatale from Rocky & Bulwinkle. I am American.

lovechamp2001: fine but do u know its real meaning of natasha

raine_chaser: I wasn't aware that my name had a real meaning.

lovechamp2001: u r really a kid, how old r u, sorry to ask but i hope american girls dont mind telling this as in India

raine_chaser: I'm 22
raine_chaser: enlighten me, lovechamp, what does my name mean?

lovechamp2001: fine but u did nt tell me what do u do

raine_chaser: I'm a graphic designer

lovechamp2001: i am just checking it up with my book
lovechamp2001: hold on pls
lovechamp2001: i feel it must be having a very cute name
lovechamp2001: hi it means an original one
lovechamp2001: and nature alike
lovechamp2001: and brave
lovechamp2001: and christ's birthday
lovechamp2001: u see u were not knowing so important thing of ur life
lovechamp2001: hello
lovechamp2001: d
lovechamp2001: dd
lovechamp2001: dddd
lovechamp2001: ddd
lovechamp2001: d
lovechamp2001: DD
lovechamp2001: d
lovechamp2001: d
lovechamp2001: d
lovechamp2001: d
lovechamp2001: d
lovechamp2001: d
lovechamp2001: g
lovechamp2001: h
lovechamp2001: j
lovechamp2001: s
lovechamp2001: c
lovechamp2001: gf
lovechamp2001: r

raine_chaser: stop that!
raine_chaser: jesus christ, i cant leave you unattended for 30 friggin seconds

lovechamp2001: thank god u r there i thought u have been lost in the nature]
lovechamp2001: i was scared
lovechamp2001: u see

raine_chaser: lost in the nature?

lovechamp2001: we Indians are so possessive about our loved ones
lovechamp2001: i cant tell u
lovechamp2001: we are so blockheads that

raine_chaser: loved ones!? i've only talked to you online for like 10 minutes. is that all it takes to qualify?

lovechamp2001: we have not seen u but
lovechamp2001: have a liking for u
lovechamp2001: thats the reason
lovechamp2001: we are still known
lovechamp2001: as a bloody Indians

raine_chaser: okay, that's too much information right there. if you're bloody, keep it to yourself

lovechamp2001: i am sorry
lovechamp2001: i was joking
lovechamp2001: hey this is nothing but to impress you
lovechamp2001: dont mind i was kidding
lovechamp2001: this is wrong
lovechamp2001: i dont have a single friend
lovechamp2001: and was trying to impress u

raine_chaser: i think i hear the phone ringing... or something...
raine_chaser: i have to go

lovechamp2001: because i have heard that American girla are very hard to talk even harsh to talk
lovechamp2001: this is again a cheating
lovechamp2001: a kind of selfishness and gujkjkhjkjjhjhjk
lovechamp2001: what is all this

raine_chaser: you could have a conversation with a brick wall, i bet

lovechamp2001: what do u mean, if u feel so, i am sorry for that

raine_chaser: i have to get offline immediately. perhaps we can do this again some time (...)

lovechamp2001: OK fine
lovechamp2001: bye and ...
lovechamp2001: take care and bye and ...
lovechamp2001: :)

raine_chaser: bye

lovechamp2001: bye a
lovechamp2001: and sweet dreams
lovechamp2001: about
lovechamp2001: .......

lovechamp2001: hello, pissu
lovechamp2001: gggjhjk BUZZ!!!
lovechamp2001: r u there or gone

raine_chaser: (you'll notice i said BYE like 10 minutes ago)

lovechamp2001: u r a real pissu
lovechamp2001: a blood sucker for the opposite sex

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