deepa_24f: hey
deepa_24f: why u broken heart of my brother

sister_soleil: what are you talking about?

deepa_24f: my brother is u r friend

sister_soleil: who is your brother?

deepa_24f: dipu
deepa_24f: i think u know him

sister_soleil: I dont know anyone named dipu.

deepa_24f: he is from india
deepa_24f: he is u r friend from the time of u r unemployment

sister_soleil: as far as I know, i've never been to india. i think it would be hard to break someone's heart from all the way over here in America

deepa_24f: r not u know u r lawer friend from india
deepa_24f: layer friend

sister_soleil: why cant your stupid brother deal with his own broken heart? that's pretty wussy of him to get you to do it for him.

deepa_24f: sorry lawyer

sister_soleil: i dont like sorry lawyers.

deepa_24f: he is not stupid u can't tell him like that
deepa_24f: he promised u that he never talk u till u won't talked to him
deepa_24f: is not his id in u r friends list

sister_soleil: um, promising you'll never talk to someone again doesn't count if you're just going to get other people to talk for you.

deepa_24f: then what u want to tell u won't want to talk to my brother

sister_soleil: listen to me: i do not know your brother. i do not care what you tell him

deepa_24f: really don't know manners
deepa_24f: u r relly a too proudy gal
deepa_24f: why my brother is worried for u i don't know

sister_soleil: I DONT KNOW YOUR BROTHER!

deepa_24f: tell everything politely that will be better
deepa_24f: i know u r angry with me bcuz i told u don't know manners

sister_soleil: i may possibly have chatted with him once or twice, but if i dont remember, i cant help it. you're just going to have to tell this brother of yours that i dont know who he is

deepa_24f: still then if i hurt u i am soory
deepa_24f: is his name in u r friends list /not

sister_soleil: no, his name is not in my friends list.

deepa_24f: u r a web desiner/not

sister_soleil: yes, as a matter of fact, i design web stuff.

deepa_24f: just cheak whether his id in u r friends list/not
deepa_24f: my brother never tell lie

sister_soleil: yes, i have "cheaked" my friends list. his name isnt there because he's NOT MY FUCKING FRIEND!

deepa_24f: i have that much confidence on him

sister_soleil: listen to me: i can curse like a sailor, and if it offends you, then stop talking to me, you fucking loser.

deepa_24f: r not u unemployed 5/6 months ego

sister_soleil: that is none of your business!

deepa_24f: if u don't know then how i cameto know
deepa_24f: u have a photo in u r profile with one rock star which u just few days before changed

sister_soleil: what?

deepa_24f: he told me everything abt u
deepa_24f: how can u deny u don't know him
deepa_24f: u did not accept him as friend but how can u deny that u don't know him

sister_soleil: you're making this insignificant chat window into a fucking soap opera. i bet you and your brother cry about stuff like this.

deepa_24f: u might told him all these things
deepa_24f: otherwise how he can know it

sister_soleil: he's standing over your shoulder right now, crying, isnt he?

deepa_24f: no
deepa_24f: i think he has a wrong choice in making friendship

sister_soleil: i think he needs to look up "friendship" in the dictionary
sister_soleil: well, this has been fun and all, but I have to go now.

deepa_24f: i just want to ask u one last question

sister_soleil: sighhhhh.
sister_soleil: okay. one only.

deepa_24f: do u know my brother/not plz tell the truth

sister_soleil: do you have fucking alzheimers or something? I already told you no!

deepa_24f: soory sister i really now apreciate u .u just chat with him casually and forgot everything after that but he is little bit emotional .

sister_soleil: then he is a little bit psychotic. and so are you! i dont give a shit about anything either of you have ever said! stop acting like such a dramatic lame-o

deepa_24f: i told u a lot of thing which might hurt u
deepa_24f: i am soory for that
deepa_24f: enjoy u r life
deepa_24f: as u want to

sister_soleil: listen, you and your family sound like a real pack of winners. do you perhaps have a crazy sister or cousin that I could have lunch with some time?

deepa_24f: why u r taking everything in a negative way

sister_soleil: remember a few minutes ago how I said I had to go and then you said you were going to ask ONE last question and then leave me alone?

deepa_24f: o.k
deepa_24f: bye
deepa_24f: take care
deepa_24f: have a nice day
deepa_24f: bye

sister_soleil: are you STILL talking?

*After this conversation ended, I realized that dipu_m25 in the conversation titled it is not necessary to make v chart is this person's brother. Dipu and Deepa, they're like the Partridge Family, but of idiots instead of singers.


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