krammer77: hi how ya doing today?

ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: fine

krammer77: saw your profile, i am from houston too
krammer77: what part are you in ?

ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: no comment

krammer77: i am in clear lake
krammer77: got a pic?

ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: nope
ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: i got a webpage, though

krammer77: can i see it?


krammer77: you are a hottie

ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: uhm, okay.

krammer77: you would probably look better on your back though

ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: on my back?

krammer77: yep
krammer77: with your legs on my shoulders
krammer77: :)

ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: uh, yeah. keep trying. You're getting somewhere
ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: ...

krammer77: with something poking you
krammer77: inbetween your legs
krammer77: it is about 8" long, it is hard and hot
krammer77: oh look, it appears to be my cock
krammer77: :)

ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: it appears to be?

krammer77: yes i believe so
krammer77: and you got it so hard, that i blew out a hole in your back
krammer77: :)

ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: Thank goodness i have health insurance.

krammer77: good
krammer77: you might need it

ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: looks like it.

krammer77: you may get a little caugh too,...........

ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: Little?! i thought you said your caugh was big!

krammer77: dont worrry, it is just because i accidentally stuck my cock too far back in your throat

ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: Sounds like fun. I’m sorry i missed that.

krammer77: wanna get together and try for real?
krammer77: it is making me hard

ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: You mean do I want to get together and have my back blown out and get a "caugh" from your dick in my mouth? Gee, sounds tempting, but I think I'm gonna have to pass on this one.

krammer77: why is that?
krammer77: .... i could be a little gentler

ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: Oh, in that case, lets GO! I'm THERE! When?! Where?! You name it! I’ll be there with bells on!

krammer77: you tell me where

ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: Let's see... somewhere uncomfortable... the back of a volkswagon?
ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: Do you have a volkswagon?

krammer77: no i dont have a volkswagon

ItsHardToLearnTheNumberSeven: Dang, nevermind then.

krammer77: fine

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