geniousanddescent: adaab
geniousanddescent: hello

raine_chaser: um, hi there

geniousanddescent: how are you

raine_chaser: i'm doing decent

geniousanddescent: from where u are

raine_chaser: not pakistan, goddammit.

geniousanddescent: well
geniousanddescent: where is goddammit

raine_chaser: It's in America, just south of Oklahoma

geniousanddescent: ok
geniousanddescent: do u need sex now

raine_chaser: excuse me?!

geniousanddescent: you are excused
geniousanddescent: know what

raine_chaser: uh. what?

geniousanddescent: what are u doing there

raine_chaser: what the hell are you talking about?

geniousanddescent: plz dont angry
geniousanddescent: i say what are u doing on net know
geniousanddescent: is there some thing wrong

raine_chaser: i repeat, what the hell are you talking about?
raine_chaser: no, i do not need sex now. I think I can wait.

geniousanddescent: no mention
geniousanddescent: ok
geniousanddescent: but whenever u need me

raine_chaser: yeah, i'll be sure to look you up next time i need some. thanks for the offer.
raine_chaser: (?!)

geniousanddescent: you are wel come
geniousanddescent: r u there
geniousanddescent: you have a cool profile

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