Before Seven received this message, she was in the chat room joking around with some pals. They were making fun of people who like to "cyber" and saying silly things like "N E 1 WANNA CYBER WITH A 4 TOOTHED UGLY WHITE TRASH WHORE, PM ME OR PRESS 123." Apparently, the sarcasm was lost on a select few, including this guy. (This story will be funnier if you have previously read the conversation with Krammer77 entitled "You might get a little caugh") Read on:


polosport_flossa: Lets talk then

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: uh, okay.

polosport_flossa: I can take away the whore & have you begging for more
polosport_flossa: check my profile..lets talk

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: uhm, okay. checked. now what?

polosport_flossa: Well hello to you too miss rude

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: i'm pretending to be white trash! you're making it hard to stay in character.

polosport_flossa: Why play a character

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: why not?

polosport_flossa: Cum ~N~ Play with me..I do not play
polosport_flossa: Foreplay
polosport_flossa: afterplay will be will be satisfied

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: wait... what?

polosport_flossa: when..??
polosport_flossa: how..

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: i wouldnt let you satisfy me with a ten foot pole!

polosport_flossa: Right now
polosport_flossa: we could
polosport_flossa: but do you really think we should
polosport_flossa: Ohh please..let my tongue do it's thing
polosport_flossa: my sex entering you
polosport_flossa: With me is true extasy
polosport_flossa: I need not a ten foot pole
polosport_flossa: I will make you get off 4-5 times before I ever penetrate
polosport_flossa: I have magic fingers..:_

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: okay, but do you have a ten foot pole?

polosport_flossa: sorry no ten foot pole
polosport_flossa: i know where your g spot is & I will tickle it
polosport_flossa: About 9 foot that is all

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: Only nine feet? you pencil dick bastard! get away from me. I hate small penises.

polosport_flossa: Bitch..give it to me you white trahed out whore
polosport_flossa: Suck my cock bitch cause' dat' bout' all U's good for

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: I only have an eight foot throat. Sorry.

polosport_flossa: You don't have to take it all down..I wouldn't want to explode throught the back of your head

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: Wait a minute... have i talked to you before? This is sounding eerily familiar...

polosport_flossa: Maybe
polosport_flossa: not that I know of..

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: Do you chat under the name krammer77?

polosport_flossa: no

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: Uh, okay. anyway, my throat is all booked up for this month. Maybe I can fit you in later. I do a lot of cock sucking, since “dat bout all i's good for”

polosport_flossa: Let's hook up I can watch you swallow my load

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: Hang on, i'm checking my calendar... how about... August 20th is good for me. Shall I mark you down for 3:30?

polosport_flossa: where at

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: The back seat of my volkswagon

polosport_flossa: Well let's do this then

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: Alright! Lets go!

polosport_flossa: You do not even know how to get with me

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: Well by all means, tell me.

polosport_flossa: Austin North

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: I'm on my way
itshardtolearnthenumberseven: hold your breath

polosport_flossa: I hold my breathe don't show up intill August..sounds like suicide to me right..??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: if your lungs are any comparison to your pole, you should be fine.

polosport_flossa: Its not like that

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: weakling.


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