hamdanpakistan2000: again online

raine_chaser: you're quite observant

hamdanpakistan2000: i am talking on me not u

raine_chaser: i stand by my previous statement

hamdanpakistan2000: aacha
hamdanpakistan2000: i understand easy english

raine_chaser: i'm proud of you

hamdanpakistan2000: for what

raine_chaser: ...sigh... for understanding easy english.

hamdanpakistan2000: me going 2 sleep ok u 2 should as u chat much it's dangerous for health

raine_chaser: chatting is not dangerous for my health.
raine_chaser: unless you plan to injure me.

hamdanpakistan2000: how can i do this?

raine_chaser: i'm hoping you can't.
raine_chaser: if you don't already know, im not going to tell you.

hamdanpakistan2000: that's not a word to say
hamdanpakistan2000: i have heard a saying ,,,if face good then talk good

raine_chaser: i shudder to think what you look like, if that's the case

hamdanpakistan2000: i wrote this 4 u
hamdanpakistan2000: caus i already know this

raine_chaser: i'm going to pretend i have some idea what you're trying to say to me.

hamdanpakistan2000: i have monitor in front not the miror

raine_chaser: that was pretty clever for someone who only knows easy words. good job.

hamdanpakistan2000: thank u
hamdanpakistan2000: nice practice 4 today i think i will know by timw how to chat

raine_chaser: um... okay.

hamdanpakistan2000: one thing o ask only
hamdanpakistan2000: but answer should be honest
hamdanpakistan2000: where u from

raine_chaser: telling you that might be hazardous to my health
raine_chaser: I'll narrow it down to "America"

hamdanpakistan2000: on no man
hamdanpakistan2000: but still not too bad you can click the address which i am writing below
hamdanpakistan2000: http://www.pakwatan.com/main/tourism/city_detail.php3?ID=42
hamdanpakistan2000: it's about my home land and i love it
hamdanpakistan2000: tell me how is this

raine_chaser: hmm.... yeah, this is pretty boring. i don't want to read this

hamdanpakistan2000: u r not like american i guess
hamdanpakistan2000: because they are ..

raine_chaser: i am, like, american. i just don't want to read your essay on why you love your homeland.

hamdanpakistan2000: it's not that ...what u have in head ,,,,some one fitted wrong head to you

raine_chaser: it's possible, that would explain a lot of things.

hamdanpakistan2000: i have to attend my university tomorrow and if i chat with u like this i will not b able to wake up early .
hamdanpakistan2000: if some thing good to say, say the i should ge

raine_chaser: you said it all.

hamdanpakistan2000: good
hamdanpakistan2000: will arrange some to manage you well

raine_chaser: alrighty then.

hamdanpakistan2000: who is leaving
hamdanpakistan2000: u first then me or me first

raine_chaser: what university do you go to?

hamdanpakistan2000: hamdard ...u knaow what university is ?

raine_chaser: what classes are you taking and what are the names of your professors?

hamdanpakistan2000: no man semester is new and i donno

raine_chaser: keep me posted. i'd like to know,

hamdanpakistan2000: keep me posted. what does this mean

raine_chaser: it means tell me when you find out what your professors names are. i'd like to speak with them... (muahaha)

hamdanpakistan2000: what would u say

raine_chaser: how hard you're working on your english skills.
raine_chaser: i would tell them to give you an A

hamdanpakistan2000: that shah is good man and talk some good too and and and
hamdanpakistan2000: no i had passed with hardly some marks

raine_chaser: that's an awful lot of and's. maybe your english needs more work than i thought

hamdanpakistan2000: then what u for ..

raine_chaser: not much, i guess

hamdanpakistan2000: i chat to learn ok
hamdanpakistan2000: but do lot of mistakes as much as i can as language is some thing practical and u should get easy with it
hamdanpakistan2000: one of my fellows were american i learnt a lot form him was form DC
hamdanpakistan2000: once i chat with some FBI women while in sept 11 days and was a lot of fun

raine_chaser: the FBI chatted with you about september 11? and you thought it was fun?

hamdanpakistan2000: why not
hamdanpakistan2000: man clear from heart & soul do not get scared
hamdanpakistan2000: and she asked me lot of things how we survive in this envoirnment if fear ..was a good chat

raine_chaser: i think we should stop talking about this. dont you have to get up early in the morning?

hamdanpakistan2000: http://www.eville.net/idiot/weakvocablory.html i would get rid of it some day
hamdanpakistan2000: net has lot of data in it and like sea

raine_chaser: i know YOU would get rid of it, but i think its funny and I like making you look dumb, so i think it's going to stay

hamdanpakistan2000: man opes windows to him
hamdanpakistan2000: it should for fun only but not for buisness

raine_chaser: mm hmm. thats what i said. it's for fun.

hamdanpakistan2000: i got id form that page won't u mind for that(to whom you had chat)
hamdanpakistan2000: how much diverse thinkings are in this world
hamdanpakistan2000: i have faced a girl of your thinking before

raine_chaser: i'm not surprised. I'm sure you'll face many more

hamdanpakistan2000: life is for experiences and i try to learn every moment as have lot of responcibilities on my sholders
hamdanpakistan2000: sibilities
hamdanpakistan2000: father died 2 years ago ,given business on contract and studieng ,sisters to marry and and and
hamdanpakistan2000: would experience a lot if lived
hamdanpakistan2000: bye for now
hamdanpakistan2000: may all b good 2 u

raine_chaser: good luck with that FBI thing.


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