glowworm_45843: wanna cam with me have fun watching me play with my teen heard on

all_night_annette: you have a heard on?

glowworm_45843: not yet

all_night_annette: alrighty then.

glowworm_45843: you got a cam

all_night_annette: no, but something tells me you do.

glowworm_45843: yep
glowworm_45843: let me change names brb

reallybigcatfish: ok its me
reallybigcatfish: had to change so i can tern on cam

all_night_annette: well by all means, tern it on then

reallybigcatfish: its on

all_night_annette: alrighty then.

reallybigcatfish: night

all_night_annette: that's it? you're just going to leave?

reallybigcatfish: yea

all_night_annette: remind me to never have sex with you in real life then.

reallybigcatfish: its like 5:00 in the morning here
reallybigcatfish: im going to fucking bed

all_night_annette: you better hurry off to sleep. you want to be well rested for confession in the morning

reallybigcatfish: what are you tslking about

all_night_annette: nothing, i was kidding. g'nite

reallybigcatfish: what the ehll
reallybigcatfish: hell


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