mahaman: WoW ... youre busty ......are u also Lusty?

dixie_liquor: um, occasionally

mahaman: love to drink youve heard this line a million

dixie_liquor: uh, no, actually, that's the first time.

mahaman: really...... ?

dixie_liquor: yes.

mahaman: are u at workj or at play?

dixie_liquor: i'm at work right now

mahaman: awwww......and i was hoping we would play :)
mahaman: ever played at work?

dixie_liquor: i frequently play Solitaire

mahaman: hehehe
mahaman: you innocent
mahaman: im sure u dint understand..what i meant by

dixie_liquor: i guess not.

mahaman: by my face-reading skills.....i reckon you must be a TIGRESS in Bed !

dixie_liquor: i'm more like a hibernating bear, I think.

mahaman: a hibernating bear..thats just woken up ??

dixie_liquor: no, one that's hibernating.

mahaman: with a nice hot n horny caveman ??

dixie_liquor: i have a feeling i'm talking to one.

mahaman: lol
mahaman: almost..but not in a cave......
mahaman: I am a photographer..... a little far away from u

dixie_liquor: far away? shucks, i was hoping we could meet. you seem to great thus far in our conversation.

mahaman: sure sure sure
mahaman: lol
mahaman: did you mean Meet ??? or Mate :)

dixie_liquor: Silly me. Yes, I meant mate, sorry. I frequently get the urge to reproduce with Indian photographers from Yahoo
dixie_liquor: *desperately searches for the sarcasm button on her keyboard*

mahaman: am sure thats only in the interest of world

dixie_liquor: It is. Our economies would likely crumble if I kept my legs closed.

mahaman: it good to have an "open Economy"
mahaman: maybe you might get the Nobel Peace

dixie_liquor: do you believe in economics before marriage?

mahaman: yes...Micro economics before marraige
mahaman: Macro economics later
mahaman: but the foreign policy after mariage is very exciting
mahaman: isnt it ?

dixie_liquor: i wouldn't know

mahaman: so when do we take care of the world peace ?
mahaman: it was lovely making peace with you...
mahaman: look forward to the pleasure again

dixie_liquor: i'm sure...

mahaman: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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