mm_itprofessional: Hello
mm_itprofessional: r u Pakistani
mm_itprofessional: Hello

raine_chaser: hi there
raine_chaser: no i'm not.

mm_itprofessional: where r u from

raine_chaser: america

mm_itprofessional: I am Pakistani

raine_chaser: I figured as much.
raine_chaser: but thanks for the info

mm_itprofessional: i think r u Pakistani

raine_chaser: I'm fairly positive that I'm not.
raine_chaser: Let me check again just to be sure...
raine_chaser: nope. still not.

mm_itprofessional: ur profession in america
mm_itprofessional: do u like wanna chat
mm_itprofessional: I think r u bussy
mm_itprofessional: ok

raine_chaser: you think i am full of busses?
raine_chaser: you thought wrong, bucko

mm_itprofessional: bucknay laga hoon

raine_chaser: i think so too.

mm_itprofessional: aap shareek hoon gi

raine_chaser: totally

mm_itprofessional: kya buckoon

raine_chaser: i agree wholeheartedly

mm_itprofessional: but u tell me what i say
mm_itprofessional: topic

raine_chaser: that might be a little difficult
raine_chaser: seeing as how I don't speak pakistani

mm_itprofessional: abey tum bucko
mm_itprofessional: u say some thing

raine_chaser: "something"

mm_itprofessional: yes
mm_itprofessional: bolo yar kuch tu bolo

raine_chaser: boop boop diddum daddum waddum choo

mm_itprofessional: ha ha ha
mm_itprofessional: whts this

raine_chaser: just a little ditty i wrote

mm_itprofessional: what mean by ditty

raine_chaser: nevermind.

mm_itprofessional: ok
mm_itprofessional: u have old version of Yahoo messenger , otherwise I send u a kiss

raine_chaser: darn. i'm sorry i missed that.

mm_itprofessional: now whats alternative

raine_chaser: a type of music that teenagers listened to in the 90s

mm_itprofessional: r u beautiful belle
mm_itprofessional: jowab to dow
mm_itprofessional: dont mind

raine_chaser: toidi na era uoy

mm_itprofessional: what
mm_itprofessional: repeat it
mm_itprofessional: I ask u , r u beautiful belle

raine_chaser: no. i'm terribly ugly. and busy. (bussy?)
raine_chaser: i have to go

mm_itprofessional: why maim
mm_itprofessional: i have a big mic
mm_itprofessional: ajeb musebut ha
mm_itprofessional: online be ho , per be rahie
mm_itprofessional: ho
mm_itprofessional: jawab nahe deti ho
mm_itprofessional: a
mm_itprofessional: aik latifa sunaau

raine_chaser: ok

mm_itprofessional: jayo nahe sunato ksi oar say sunu
mm_itprofessional: man he buckta rahon ja ka kuch tum be bucko gi
mm_itprofessional: milk pack factory
mm_itprofessional: Nat@sha bolo yar
mm_itprofessional: ok I am in action , I am doing
mm_itprofessional: Latifa
mm_itprofessional: dafa how jaow
mm_itprofessional: maim
mm_itprofessional: Janu aub to jagh jaow
mm_itprofessional: anyary
mm_itprofessional: hon
mm_itprofessional: na
mm_itprofessional: see u again
mm_itprofessional: meet tomorrow


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