p_netfish: hi
raine_chaser: hello
p_netfish: great
p_netfish: wannat chat

raine_chaser: sure, why not....
p_netfish: ok
p_netfish: so what do u do
p_netfish: anyway before that ID mubarak
p_netfish: I hope there is festival is going on
p_netfish: ok wht happ. babe

raine_chaser: slow down, there cowboy. What are you talking about?
p_netfish: are u busy
p_netfish: no nothing.............babe
p_netfish: so didn't ans
p_netfish: So u study or u u work
p_netfish: u r vryslow

raine_chaser: um, (oh good! i know this one!) I work.
raine_chaser: u r vryimpatient
p_netfish: No but some time
p_netfish: what kind of chat u like

raine_chaser: the kind where you only ask one question at a time would be nice
p_netfish: ok ccccccccccoooooooooooooollllllllllllllll
raine_chaser: yes. very cool indeed
p_netfish: what exactly u do
raine_chaser: i'm a graphic designer
raine_chaser: i work at a newspaper
p_netfish: Ok
p_netfish: Raine is u r name

raine_chaser: No.
raine_chaser: It's Natasha
p_netfish: Oh great
p_netfish: so u r from Texas
p_netfish: correct

raine_chaser: yes
p_netfish: so what rel abt Pakistan
raine_chaser: uhh....
raine_chaser: what?
raine_chaser: I'm not from pakistan!
p_netfish: are u belong to Pakistan
raine_chaser: no, i don't belong to one either
p_netfish: ok forget
raine_chaser: forget what?
p_netfish: Rubbis talkes
p_netfish: let talk some diff
p_netfish: ok

raine_chaser: whatever you say
p_netfish: I am an Indian.Working in the IT field as a Mail administrator
p_netfish: And I always looking for a great friends
p_netfish: like u

raine_chaser: I am a great friend?
p_netfish: Yah
raine_chaser: I've been called "backstabbing bitch" more than a few times.... i think you may have me confused with someone else.
p_netfish: which topic u like to talk
p_netfish: ok u have BF

raine_chaser: .....*groan* YES... i have a boyfriend
p_netfish: Oh...........
raine_chaser: he's big... burly.... short tempered... and jealous
raine_chaser: and racist. very racist. hates indians.
p_netfish: jealous...................of whom
p_netfish: Why he hates
p_netfish: does his first GF was Indian
p_netfish: where r u
p_netfish: r u there

raine_chaser: yes, i'm here! be patient.
raine_chaser: no, um, i was just kidding around. nevermind
p_netfish: are u busy with other guies
raine_chaser: no, i'm at work. i'm busy working.
p_netfish: this time must be very hot there
p_netfish: where excatly u r in Texas

raine_chaser: the part where it's not hot right now.
p_netfish: hey friend can I get u r snap
p_netfish: So I can see u

raine_chaser: my picture?
raine_chaser: (here goes nothin'....)
raine_chaser: http://www.eville.net/features/pakistan
raine_chaser: click on the photo links on the right hand side of the page to see me
p_netfish: oh great,u r look preety nice
raine_chaser: why does that sound familiar....?
p_netfish: what
raine_chaser: nevermind.
p_netfish: wht a great pos u given
raine_chaser: come again?
p_netfish: wait a minute
p_netfish: ok cont..........

raine_chaser: are you on drugs? what are you talking about?!
p_netfish: sorry i was busy in my work
p_netfish: I can't write much same as u
p_netfish: I was reading u r articals
p_netfish: trying to guess abt u
p_netfish: U r rally diff

raine_chaser: did you mean "rally diff" in a good way or a bad way?
p_netfish: oh great
p_netfish: sorry for keep u waiting
p_netfish: of course good for me
p_netfish: r u there

raine_chaser: yes
p_netfish: ok so u have lot of thinks
p_netfish: which can cool there life
p_netfish: Especially for Men like us
p_netfish: waht a great job,which I like
p_netfish: Can u do it for me also
p_netfish: what do u need for that
p_netfish: can u send me the same things for me also which will give great exp.
p_netfish: means some hot photographs

raine_chaser: wait a minute.... you mean you want me to send you PORN?
p_netfish: Yah if u can
raine_chaser: You mean to tell me you find no humor in that conversation, you only see it as an opportunity to get porn?
p_netfish: ok send it on my same ID p_netfish@yahoo.com
raine_chaser: (oh, how the readers will love this)
p_netfish: what
raine_chaser: the #@$#$%@ link to the porn site is ON the page in the conversation. can't you skip the middleman and just get it yourself? Jeez...
p_netfish: i didn't get whta u want to say
raine_chaser: *bangs head on keyboard*
raine_chaser: i give up
p_netfish: why baby
raine_chaser: i have completely given up all hope. i'm going to move to pakistan and marry a man and send him porn all day long as my job.
raine_chaser: that seems to be what i'm destined to do
p_netfish: come to ind to have great time
p_netfish: You really gona enjoy babe

raine_chaser: i can hardly wait. book my flight.
p_netfish: keep writting ,i'll pickup u at right time
raine_chaser: thanks. you're a special friend.
p_netfish: do u belive in free sex
raine_chaser: lots of it. didn't you read the rest of the conversation?
p_netfish: yah babe
p_netfish: i'll also feel very hot out here by reading them
p_netfish: I really wana be with u

raine_chaser: oh dear god. call the police, we got a sick one here. You got HOT reading my pakistan page?!
p_netfish: not in pic but in life
raine_chaser: you have to be kidding me
p_netfish: You can fool anybody but not me babe
p_netfish: I can do goog morphing then u

raine_chaser: i dont think we're allowed to do that in America. I'm scared.
p_netfish: why u got scared
p_netfish: I can give u more then that what u have
p_netfish: what happen u give up
p_netfish: but really find u very interesting
p_netfish: ok feel bore then leave it
p_netfish: I am open for cont.......any time
p_netfish: u can send me mail to cont..
p_netfish: thanks for a great time
p_netfish: bye

raine_chaser: yeah yeah, the mail is coming...
raine_chaser: (yeah right)
p_netfish: ok i am there
p_netfish: which mail u talking
p_netfish: where r u
p_netfish: and what u r sending

raine_chaser: i have to go now
p_netfish: so are u coming back
raine_chaser: i'm leaving you, p_netfish. i've found someone else, and he's more man than you'll ever be.
p_netfish: Ok get fuck with him
p_netfish: get loss
p_netfish: You bluddy fucker
p_netfish: go way

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