Honey Xan Wer Talk Tomorrow?

nice_youngman2001: hi
nice_youngman2001: hello

sister_soleil: hi there.
nice_youngman2001: hoe are you
nice_youngman2001: How are you baby?
nice_youngman2001: Can see you are having fun in your pic.
nice_youngman2001: How are you warming up for the Christmas celebration

sister_soleil: um, yeah, i was
sister_soleil: working
nice_youngman2001: Looking sweet in your pic!
nice_youngman2001: are you at work now?

sister_soleil: yeah
nice_youngman2001: thats okay.
nice_youngman2001: how is the office

sister_soleil: :P
nice_youngman2001: Can I celerbate this Xmas with you?
nice_youngman2001: How will I do that, please tell me!

sister_soleil: wha...? Um, you can deck the halls if you want, I suppose
sister_soleil: if you can make those cookies my grandma makes, that would be great, too
nice_youngman2001: honey xan wer talk tomorow?
sister_soleil: excuse me?
nice_youngman2001: I wanna go get some fun.
nice_youngman2001: We shall talk about where we are from.
nice_youngman2001: tomorrow.

sister_soleil: Alrighty then.
nice_youngman2001: Love you honey.
nice_youngman2001: see you tomorrow
nice_youngman2001: please add me to your list of special friends, will you?
nice_youngman2001: sweet dreams, bye and be lovable.

sister_soleil: Love me? I've said like 4 sentences to you so far.... i could be a buck-toothed inbred, obsessive compulsive mass murderer for all you know...
sister_soleil: i'll need you to fill out some forms before I add you to my SPECIAL friends list...
sister_soleil: and what sweet dreams am i having? it's 11:45am!

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