reeves_2000_99: Hey how are you doing??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: hi there

reeves_2000_99: hey

reeves_2000_99: where do you live?/

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: have i talked to you before?

reeves_2000_99: I am in Austin??

reeves_2000_99: I don't think so

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: oh, uhm... then it's none of your business where i live.

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: :)

reeves_2000_99: alrighr

reeves_2000_99: would you like to get to know me or not??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: uh, sure, why not

reeves_2000_99: ok

reeves_2000_99: where are you from?/

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: texas

reeves_2000_99: what were you studying??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: graphic arts

reeves_2000_99: seems like you like to make fun of stupid people. is that right??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: that would be correct, yes.

reeves_2000_99: are you smart enough to do that??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: i like to think so

reeves_2000_99: alright

reeves_2000_99: so how old are you??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: i am twenty

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: what about you

reeves_2000_99: have you been out of the US??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: yes, yes i have.

reeves_2000_99: I am 30, you can see my pictures in my profile as well

reeves_2000_99: there is a link to my webpage

reeves_2000_99: and other one

reeves_2000_99: to my photoalbum

reeves_2000_99: where have you been??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: mexico and canada

reeves_2000_99: great, so did you made fun of stupid people in those countries??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: a few

reeves_2000_99: why??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: uh, because they were stupid

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: that's a good enough reason for me

reeves_2000_99: why did you think the people that you made fun of are stupid??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: because they were.

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: they did stupid things and said stupid things

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: you'd be surprised how many people are stupid and they don't even know it *snicker*

reeves_2000_99: so you are not right??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: wait... what?

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: OH! no, i'm not

reeves_2000_99: do you know another language besides English??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: No.

reeves_2000_99: well people in Mexico might have thought that you are stupid because you don't know the second most important language in the world.

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: that's not stupidity, that's ignorance

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: and yes, i was ignorant, but not stupid

reeves_2000_99: too me is the same thing sweetie

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: well, 'to you' doesn't count. What counts is the Webster dictionary definition of the two words. Look 'em up sometime.

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: see? there's an example of ignorance right there.

reeves_2000_99: you seems like you are the typical perfect american Woman.

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: thank you very much

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: (??)

reeves_2000_99: never wrong

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: i'm wrong occasionally

reeves_2000_99: I don't think so

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: okay....

reeves_2000_99: I bet you. it is really hard for you to admit that you are wrong.

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: Of course it is. If I knew I was wrong, I would have changed my answer in the first place....

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: isn't that the way it works?

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: no one cavorts around the place knowingly being wrong, or they would convert to rightness.

reeves_2000_99: I guess you are NOT honest with yourself.

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: pop quiz time! 1. Do you know me? a.) yes b.) no

reeves_2000_99: I am pretty sure I have an idea what kind of woman you are.

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: have you had time to talk to me enough to know intimate details about my personality? a.) yes b.) no

reeves_2000_99: well, your profile describes pretty much what you are, and I didn't write that.

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: Okay, so question number 3 is: Do you think my entire person can be summed up in all 35 words contained in my Yahoo! profile? a.) yes b.) no

reeves_2000_99: well I guess you don't want to talk anymore huh!!. Good luck perfect young girl

reeves_2000_99: I can describe myself in few works Sweetie.

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: well, sir, you are a much more talented person than I, because nowhere in my profile is it even suggested that I am perfect, nor that I think I am

reeves_2000_99: I think people who can NOT admit when thet are wrong are perfect to me.

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: I thought we covered this already. I am wrong just like EVERYbody else

reeves_2000_99: where in Texas are you??

reeves_2000_99: wow wow wow

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: the part in between California and Florida

reeves_2000_99: you are changing now

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: changing when? what's going on?

reeves_2000_99: that is pretty accurate Sweetie

reeves_2000_99: why don't you want to tell where in Texas you are

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: because it's none of your business where I am.

reeves_2000_99: I am in Austin. I don't think there is anything wrong with Austin right??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: I wouldnt know

reeves_2000_99: why??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: why not ?????

reeves_2000_99: that's ok

reeves_2000_99: boyfriend? kids??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: girlfriend, no

reeves_2000_99: why?? too perfect

reeves_2000_99: or every single man that you meet is stupid??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: no, just a select few. (like now, for instance...)

reeves_2000_99: so you are in the man selection process??

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: no

reeves_2000_99: are you going out tonight?/

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: Yes I am, I am going to go bowling

reeves_2000_99: you might meet Mr perfect tonight

itshardtolearnthenumberseven: I think I may already have....

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