mock5000: hi

raine_chaser: you again?!

mock5000: yes
mock5000: any problem :)

raine_chaser: arent you one of the people I told to leave me alone?

mock5000: you don't want to chat or what
mock5000: nope
mock5000: i don't think so
mock5000: tell me where you live and what you do

raine_chaser: no, i dont think so

mock5000: ??
mock5000: which city

raine_chaser: no, i still dont think so

mock5000: meaning

raine_chaser: meaning i already said i wasnt going to tell you

mock5000: why
mock5000: i won't come and catch you

raine_chaser: good. in that case, you dont need to know.

mock5000: no i will send someone else to do that

raine_chaser: Well, you claim that you arent someone I have already told to leave me alone, but you are now. leave me alone.

mock5000: but there is no harm in knowing you

raine_chaser: there is harm in wasting my valuable time talking to you. i'm busy.

mock5000: i cn wait

raine_chaser: no, don't do that. just go away.

mock5000: nope

raine_chaser: okay, well, here's what: you can talk in this message windows until the cows come home, and i'm going to stop replying. You just have yourself a grand ol' time. Bye now.


Later that night, I was updating the website and putting up this conversation when he started sending me more messages...

mock5000: hi again

raine_chaser: oh good. i was just talking about you
raine_chaser: in fact, i was just posting on my website about how i think you're an idiot.

mock5000: with whom
mock5000: what i did wrong
mock5000: when you finish writing aaint me, send me your web address, i will see how rude you can be

raine_chaser: well for starters, remember how i said i didnt want to talk to you anymore? you're still talking. that's what.

mock5000: but wuthout exploring each other how can you say i am wrong

raine_chaser: you fucking pervert, i wouldnt explore you with a ten foot pole
raine_chaser: i want you to stop talking to me.

mock5000: ok as you wish, you will regret it some day, i don't like people who use abusive launage

raine_chaser: well then i am definitely not the right girl for you. I happen to love using abusive language.
raine_chaser: i'll let you know when that regret kicks in.

mock5000: ok bye
mock5000: just one thing, you will keep on getting the 'hi' message from me, as it is build in in my system to send this message to everyone when i log in, so just ignore it, unless you want to talk

raine_chaser: you have got to be kidding me. you mean EVERY girl you unwillingly put on your friends list gets auto-harassed by you every single time you log on?

mock5000: well there are not many people, except you i know all of them very well, i don't know how you name was added into this list, but don't worry they are my friends

raine_chaser: so the solution to this problem is for you to take me off your friends list, smarty

mock5000: but you said, when you regret you want to contact me!

raine_chaser: you have officially been upgraded to stupidest human being on earth.

mock5000: thanks and bye


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