Background information: There is an Old 97s song called "Designs on you" and one line in the song goes "Trying to do right by you all night, Annette." I registered the name "all_night_annette" with Yahoo! because I thought it was a funny line when taken out of context.

my profile picture:

gavindarey: wow you are beautiful i love your simple hairline

all_night_annette: aww, gee. you're just sayin' that...

gavindarey: with a stick figure like that no wonder u can go all nite

all_night_annette: ba-dum-CHHH!

gavindarey: thank you so explain all night

all_night_annette: its from a song by the Old 97s

gavindarey: oh so youre not multiple

all_night_annette: what?

gavindarey: hmm so what are we looking for

all_night_annette: i could ask you the same question!

gavindarey: you of course
gavindarey: with a atrategically placed ribbon

all_night_annette: i dont get it.

gavindarey: you with a ribbon

all_night_annette: i dont have any ribbon.

gavindarey: great without the ribbon is better

all_night_annette: whatever you say.

gavindarey: is that so

all_night_annette: i am totally lost

gavindarey: so do oyu have a webcam

all_night_annette: sighhhh....
all_night_annette: yes i do.
all_night_annette: and no you cant.

gavindarey: cant borrow it ehhh

all_night_annette: still no.

gavindarey: ok so how erotic is all niter

all_night_annette: i'm afraid i dont know.

gavindarey: how can i find out

all_night_annette: you probably cant, Stalky McStalkerPants
all_night_annette: i dont do cyber sex. i dont do nudie webcamming.

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