Background information: There is an Old 97s song called "Designs on you" and one line in the song goes "Trying to do right by you all night, Annette." I registered the name "all_night_annette" with Yahoo! because I thought it was a funny line when taken out of context.

lalit7774u: @};-
lalit7774u: @};- @};-
lalit7774u: @};-
lalit7774u: @};-
lalit7774u: @};-
lalit7774u: @};-
lalit7774u: hii
lalit7774u: hello
lalit7774u: how r u dear ?
lalit7774u: r u fine dear ?
lalit7774u: i m ur friend u know me ?

all_night_annette: who the hell is this?

lalit7774u: oh deart
lalit7774u: y u crying
lalit7774u: plz dont angryy dear
lalit7774u: realy i m ur friend
lalit7774u: u not belive okhe
lalit7774u: do 1 thing
lalit7774u: see my phot n
lalit7774u: in my profile
lalit7774u: then u know me i m ur friend
lalit7774u: okhe
lalit7774u: hello
lalit7774u: dear
lalit7774u: i send my photo
lalit7774u: see quicq

all_night_annette: why is your beard drawn on?

lalit7774u: download my pc
lalit7774u: plz dear understand me plz
lalit7774u: r u like my pic
lalit7774u: tel dear
lalit7774u: hello
lalit7774u: we r just as good friend

all_night_annette: you look like an idiot with a fake beard.

lalit7774u: u being my good friend
lalit7774u: okhe i send u within beard tack it

lalit7774u: tack it dear
lalit7774u: now
lalit7774u: dear
lalit7774u: u like
lalit7774u: within beard
lalit7774u: u like dear

all_night_annette: yeah, but now i've already seen you with the fake beard on, so i already know you're an idiot. the real picture doesnt do much to help your case at this late stage of the game.

lalit7774u: no dear
lalit7774u: plz understand me plz
lalit7774u: i m not rong
lalit7774u: this is my real pic
lalit7774u: u dont like m y pic
lalit7774u: okhe
lalit7774u: as ur wish dear
lalit7774u: what can i do
lalit7774u: okhe so as u wish

all_night_annette: you can stop sending me so god damned many messages so quickly

lalit7774u: okhe
lalit7774u: as ur wish
lalit7774u: but u understand me rong dear but i m not rong
lalit7774u: bye
lalit7774u: okhe
lalit7774u: tack care
lalit7774u: god bless u

all_night_annette: stop talking immediately


offline message the next day...

lalit7774u: go to hel


three days later...

lalit7774u: hii
lalit7774u: hello
lalit7774u: how r u dear ?

all_night_annette: hello

lalit7774u: yes
lalit7774u: how r u ?>
lalit7774u: @};-

all_night_annette: stop talking to me please.

lalit7774u: okhe sorry
lalit7774u: now lets chat ?

all_night_annette: no, let's not

lalit7774u: y dear
lalit7774u: any rong ?

all_night_annette: i don't have any rongs.

lalit7774u: okhe
lalit7774u: so what r u doing now ?

all_night_annette: trying to weasel my way out of talking to you anymore

lalit7774u: okhe
lalit7774u: dear tel me wat is ur age
lalit7774u: ?

all_night_annette: (and i guess it's not working very well)
all_night_annette: i'm 23

lalit7774u: oh i see
lalit7774u: i m only 20
lalit7774u: u want see my pic
lalit7774u: ?

all_night_annette: aren't you the guy with the drawn-on fake beard? i've already seen you

lalit7774u: okhe
lalit7774u: plz tel me r u like ?

all_night_annette: that was not a complete sentence, and i therefore am unable to answer it.

lalit7774u: okhe
lalit7774u: but just i want know how like u my pic so ?

all_night_annette: i think i already told you i think that stupid beard makes you look like an idiot.

lalit7774u: okhe
lalit7774u: as ur like
lalit7774u: but tel me dear
lalit7774u: its not rong okhe ?
lalit7774u: this is my real foto
lalit7774u: i m not lie
lalit7774u: okhe
lalit7774u: as ur like

all_night_annette: a real photo with a NOT real beard.

lalit7774u: no beard is not real
lalit7774u: beard is making bye me

all_night_annette: you dont say.

lalit7774u: u like

all_night_annette: GODDAMMIT NO! I do not like it! You are stupid and I want you to stop talking to me!

lalit7774u: u dont like so i remoove it ?
lalit7774u: okhe
lalit7774u: but no go any where dear
lalit7774u: plz chat with me

all_night_annette: i dont want to chat with you.

lalit7774u: but
lalit7774u: okhe
lalit7774u: as ur wish
lalit7774u: i know everybody is not belive a truth
lalit7774u: so do as ur

all_night_annette: please for the love of god stop talking.

lalit7774u: okhe
lalit7774u: as u wish dear
lalit7774u: okhe bye
lalit7774u: but dont forget me
lalit7774u: bye
lalit7774u: @};-@};-@};-@};-@};-v
lalit7774u: @};-@};-@};-@};-@};-

all_night_annette: i plan to forget you immediately. stop talking to me!

lalit7774u: okhe okhe cool baby cool
lalit7774u: now i going
lalit7774u: bye

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