Background information: There is an Old 97s song called "Designs on you" and one line in the song goes "Trying to do right by you all night, Annette." I registered the name "all_night_annette" with Yahoo! because I thought it was a funny line when taken out of context.

Also, an eville staff member was in-kahoots on this one. Technically, it's Leslie pretending to be Seven.

valjr33772: Hi there how are you?

all_night_annette: hello

valjr33772: how you doing

all_night_annette: fine

valjr33772: great where are you from

all_night_annette: all of those things are on my profile

valjr33772: Where in texas
valjr33772: I am from corpus

all_night_annette: if I wanted you to know where I am from Texas, I would have included it in my profile, genius

valjr33772: a little touchy are we

all_night_annette: sometimes, but I don't know if you'll be getting that lucky ;)

valjr33772: oooh and funny too
valjr33772: Do you trade pictures?

all_night_annette: there is also a picture on my profile

valjr33772: Not coming up
valjr33772: just a drawing

all_night_annette: that is the point, I'm funny, remember?

valjr33772: yes i must have forgot

all_night_annette: see that it doesn't happen again

valjr33772: ok
valjr33772: would you like to see a pic of me

all_night_annette: sure, why not?
all_night_annette: It didn't work

valjr33772: did you get it

all_night_annette: it says you are behind a firewall

valjr33772: lets try again

all_night_annette: ok

valjr33772: get it?

all_night_annette: remember that firewall? You're still behind it

valjr33772: do not know how never had it before

all_night_annette: e-mail it to

all_night_annette: hey look, that's your penis

valjr33772: very observant
valjr33772: wanted to get your attention
valjr33772: did it work

all_night_annette: I assumed you were sending me a picture of just your face...or if you're funny, a drawing of it

valjr33772: that was much better huh

all_night_annette: Depends on your definition of "better"

valjr33772: well did youlike

all_night_annette: Do I like penises in general? Yes. Do I like unsolicited porn? No.
all_night_annette: I occasionally like solicited porn

valjr33772: oh sorry
valjr33772: like i said just trying to get your attention
valjr33772: lol
valjr33772: I have more

all_night_annette: Send them over if you don't mind being exploited on my website

valjr33772: not at all
valjr33772: you do like em

valjr33772: I want to see some of you too


valjr33772: very cute
valjr33772: how about some hotter shots than that

all_night_annette: It takes a lot more work than that to see me naked, but I will gladly exploit you naked if you would like to send me more pictures

valjr33772: but you do have some pics of you naked??

all_night_annette: i do, but you can not have them. i clearly just said it would take more work than than. LOTS more.

valjr33772: how about a hint

all_night_annette: how about you give me some better material to make fun of you with and I put no more effort forth? this is getting tiresome.

valjr33772: check your male
valjr33772: mail
valjr33772: sorry

all_night_annette: so, rudy ramirez. lets pretend i was going to put you and your penis on a website. would you like to put your phone number up with them?

valjr33772: why would you do that

all_night_annette: give me one good reason not to
all_night_annette: call me an online personal ad service

valjr33772: do not have one i guess
valjr33772: I could just as easily put your pics on a website in return

all_night_annette: uh... my pictures are already on a website. smartie.

valjr33772: but an adult website

all_night_annette: i dont think an adult website would pay very much money for a bunch of pictures of my face.

valjr33772: depends on the note going with it

all_night_annette: "hi, my name is natasha and i have a website exploiting unsuspecting people who chat with me. Send me a message and maybe I'll humiliate you too"
all_night_annette: i think that might only appeal to the submissive crowd

valjr33772: very funny

all_night_annette: <--- funny
all_night_annette: (but i think we've been through that)

valjr33772: i do not play that way
valjr33772: did you see the last pics?

all_night_annette: i did. it's more of your penis.
all_night_annette: nice flowers

valjr33772: thx
valjr33772: did you like the cock

all_night_annette: i have a no-opinion policy on cocks unless they can answer in the affirmative when I ask "What have you done for me lately?"

valjr33772: hahaha

all_night_annette: for once, i wasnt trying to be funny.
all_night_annette: heh heh
all_night_annette: okay, i've gotta go. before we part, are you sure you wouldnt like me to post a phone number with your oh-so-cockful pictures?

valjr33772: no thanks good talking to you hope to hear from you again


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