lilrussianguy7: asl

unic7orn: no thanks

lilrussianguy7: do u kno what that meens

unic7orn: yes, and i decline


*...time goes by...*


lilrussianguy7: would u chat

unic7orn: um... ok

lilrussianguy7: do u have a pic
lilrussianguy7: i do
lilrussianguy7: wanna see

unic7orn: no thanks

lilrussianguy7: OK
lilrussianguy7: whateva u say
lilrussianguy7: what u do for fun

unic7orn: make fun of russians ;)

lilrussianguy7: lol
lilrussianguy7: oh really now
lilrussianguy7: r u raciest
lilrussianguy7: i can kick ur ass in 2 secs
lilrussianguy7: ull be out
lilrussianguy7: in 2 secs
lilrussianguy7: u donno me

unic7orn: i'm sure that's true

lilrussianguy7: get lost
lilrussianguy7: bitch

unic7orn: okeedokee

lilrussianguy7: belive what u wanna beliove
lilrussianguy7: i dont care
lilrussianguy7: fuck off

unic7orn: if you dont care, why are you STILL talking?

lilrussianguy7: i allready left
lilrussianguy7: smart ass

unic7orn: no you didnt, moron. see? right there? how you said stuff?

lilrussianguy7: cause u asked
lilrussianguy7: now ur stupid

unic7orn: clearly i am the stupid one

lilrussianguy7: oh i see now
lilrussianguy7: sorry
lilrussianguy7: that sucks
lilrussianguy7: bye

unic7orn: so long

lilrussianguy7: have fun
lilrussianguy7: peace put

unic7orn: where am i putting said peace?

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