metallwurst: hello
metallwurst: u like shrinking people too?

dixie_liquor: excuse me?

metallwurst: in ur profile u have written u like shrinking
metallwurst: u like shrinking people?

dixie_liquor: oh, no that's a line from a Dead Milkmen song. Last time I checked, you couldn't actually shrink a person.

metallwurst: oh really?
metallwurst: hmm... than i have to find a way for

dixie_liquor: i agree.
dixie_liquor: so, um, ... how do you shrink people?

metallwurst: i shrink them with my raygun or one of my magic potions

dixie_liquor: of course. silly me.
dixie_liquor: my raygun is at the shop

metallwurst: oh well
metallwurst: what a mess
metallwurst: and if i would shrink u now with my raygun?
metallwurst: then u would be helpless

dixie_liquor: you have a point.
dixie_liquor: so you're HOW old, now?

metallwurst: im 22
metallwurst: and u?

dixie_liquor: i look 23 but somehow I feel 12.

metallwurst: ah
metallwurst: how old do u feel at the moment?

dixie_liquor: um... 12
dixie_liquor: steadily dropping

metallwurst: why dont i shrink u at the highlevel of a 12 years old kid?
metallwurst: *set the raygun at 4 feet 6 and aim at u*

dixie_liquor: yeah, i'm all booked up for shrinking this week, but try me again later.
dixie_liquor: *must... escape... lame... chat window....*

metallwurst: *shoot at u*
metallwurst: *the ray hits u*
metallwurst: u feel a tingeling in ur body and all around u expands and start growing

dixie_liquor: *desperately clicking the little X in the upper right corner of this box*

metallwurst: aww
metallwurst: dont u like to play a bit?
metallwurst: ok. bye and all my best for ur future

dixie_liquor: i can hardly wait

metallwurst: thank u for talking
metallwurst: it was realy funny

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