ajay_panwar: na ......
ajay_panwar: ya haaaaan

raine_chaser: mm hmm.

ajay_panwar: what do u mean by this .......yes or no
ajay_panwar: at last u spoke sth

raine_chaser: what?

ajay_panwar: I mean .......u didnot respond me for a long time
ajay_panwar: now atleast u spoke sth

raine_chaser: uh, okay.

ajay_panwar: can u tell me about urself

raine_chaser: no

ajay_panwar: why
ajay_panwar: ok .......ur id is there in the pakistan ...but u belong to texas ......

raine_chaser: I'm not from pakistan.

ajay_panwar: hey common ....do u have allery to indians.......
ajay_panwar: i fyes then I won't disturb u again

raine_chaser: Yes. I am allergic to Indians.
raine_chaser: But I'm taking Claritin, so I can tolerate them in moderation.

ajay_panwar: I could no tget u ......could u explain it

raine_chaser: Nevermind.

ajay_panwar: ok .....why u cannot tolerate us . is quite clear .....
ajay_panwar: don't u think

raine_chaser: well, now that you mention it, it is rather obvious, isn't it?

ajay_panwar: ya it is obvious........
ajay_panwar: ok ...atleast u can tell me u r a guy or a girl

raine_chaser: I am a girl.

ajay_panwar: hey u have told me sth sth about urself

raine_chaser: well, there really isnt that much sth sth to tell about.

ajay_panwar: atleast u told me that u r not a guy but a girl
ajay_panwar: u know I have two good freinds in sana and sara in Pakistan ( karachi ) ..and u r behaving like this

raine_chaser: uhh...

ajay_panwar: ok .no probs...u r pakistani or american
ajay_panwar: pakistani

raine_chaser: I'm american.

ajay_panwar: what's ur name ?
ajay_panwar: Nat@sha.
ajay_panwar: u r graphic designer
ajay_panwar: do u know I am a software engineer .
ajay_panwar: I could not get u ..
ajay_panwar: u mean to say .u were not graphic designer some time back
ajay_panwar: but now u r

raine_chaser: Um, no, I've always been a graphic designer.

ajay_panwar: if u r an american then why ur name is natasha ?

raine_chaser: are americans not allowed to be named natasha?

ajay_panwar: not like that ..bcoz u hate pakistanis also .how come u have name from indian/ pakistan origin

raine_chaser: I don't hate pakistanis. and my name is not indian.

ajay_panwar: common yaar .....natasha is an indian name ..........

raine_chaser: uh, no, it isn't. I was named after the Potsylvanian cartoon character on Rocky & Bulwinkle

ajay_panwar: u better asjk ur parents

raine_chaser: yeah, I think they're aware already, but thanks

ajay_panwar: u know .....I am an indian .......I know this name is very common among girls
ajay_panwar: in india
ajay_panwar: do u know sth about india?

raine_chaser: can you just go away, please?


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