givesmore4play- That's a rude nameyou fucking twat TALK you cunts

itshardtolearnthenumberseven-Hey! There's a way to make people talk to you *rolls eyes*

g-Fuck off cunt

7-What a polite young man

g-Itshardtolearn: fuck you

7-And so widely learned in the liguistics department!

g-oh very smart you little fuckwit DO NOT piss me off fuck you

7-Hey I have an idea. Insult everyone in here without knowing anything about them. Does that sound like fun? Oh wait! I stole your idea. You were already doing that, sorry.

g-are u dumb or what

7-"or what" apparently

g-it aint fuckin hard to learn the number no 7 dumb fucker cunt talk to me then get to know the real me

7- I'll take 'people who use the word cunt 23 times a day' for $500, Alex.

g-you've got a crap name be real get a good one or shut the fuck up

7-define "crap name" for me I'm not sure if I should be offended or not. Is that like "the shit"?

g-no 7 piss off times up

7-Time? up? for what?

g-fuck off you queer

7-Had I a penis, yes, I would probably be queer.

g-u r a woman no 7 i am sorry

**at this point, i left the room to do something, and came back to find him still going at it**

g-crumb you cunt

7-still using the same word? you haven't thought of a new one after all that time went by? Oh wait, we're diversifying now. He's alternating 'cunt' with 'scum'

g-no 7 we use to use cunt what r u talking about no 7 ur female right? I must apologize for my language

7-What the hell difference does that make? If you're talking to a guy, you can be a dirty, unintelligent bastard, but if you're talking to a girl, you can't?

g-I don't like swearing in the company of ladies

7-Well, hon, I have news for you. There are ladies in EVERY chat room, so you shouldnt have been talking like that in the first place. Somehow I doubt you have females in your company too often if you waltz around calling everyone you meet a cunt

g-it was just to get your attention a joke u fell for it! im a normal person

7-Oh clearly. How was I so blind? Boy do I feel like a dumbass. *searches for the sarcasm button on her keyboard*

g-do you wanna pm? no 7 u still there?

7-Yes, yes I am.

g-no 7 pm or what?

7-I'll take the or what. Thanks though, really...

g- but why i was only joking jesus

7- It's not nice to fool the lord.

g-no 7 i am sorry please can we have a normal conversation?

7-Sure, why not

g-hello no 7 how r u?

7-I'm doing just peachy. Thanks for caring.

g-U are from Texas. what is austin like?

7- I wouldn't know, seeing as how I live in Houston.

g-well change your profile it is misleading

7-My profile led you to believe what, exactly?

g- that u r from Texas

7-Yes dear, Houston. That would be in Texas, believe it or not. Smack dab on the lower east side.

g-sorry for my lack of US geography

7-no problem....

g-no 7 hello?

7-yes, hello there.

g-do I get a pm?


g-no 7 why not?

7-I dont feel comfortable being alone with you at this early stage of our relationship.

g-no 7 i am very disappointed. i like to tongue u! that;s how it goes

7-ACK! NO!


7-Excuse me?

g-no excuse for fem. nazi like u!

7-I'm a nazi because... why?

Givesmore4play has logged out. ......DAMN!


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