amitkanna: Hi..

soundtrack_to_mary: hi there

amitkanna: where r u from??

soundtrack_to_mary: texas

amitkanna: oh..
amitkanna: can i know ur name pls??

soundtrack_to_mary: you might save yourself some time just looking at my profile.

amitkanna: i didn't get u?
amitkanna: i didn't get what u meant by?

soundtrack_to_mary: my profile? you know, the thingie that says what my name is and where i'm from?
soundtrack_to_mary: you could look at it and not have to ask me 2438783 questions.

amitkanna: ya i know that

soundtrack_to_mary: then why were you asking... just to double-check...?
soundtrack_to_mary: sigh.... my name's natasha

amitkanna: i told u na
amitkanna: my brower is having some problem
amitkanna: why some funny charecters in between

soundtrack_to_mary: i think you're a funny character.

amitkanna: u look funny or what??

soundtrack_to_mary: you're not, by chance, from pakistan, are you?

amitkanna: no way

soundtrack_to_mary: just checking

amitkanna: got any results?

soundtrack_to_mary: what?

amitkanna: still u r trying?
amitkanna: shall i tell?

soundtrack_to_mary: what?!

amitkanna: place

soundtrack_to_mary: you aren't making any sense.
soundtrack_to_mary: (are you SURE you aren't from pakistan?)

amitkanna: i am not from pak
amitkanna: is that clear to u?

soundtrack_to_mary: yes. but that's the only thing that is, at this point in the conversation.

amitkanna: i am from india

soundtrack_to_mary: okeedokee
soundtrack_to_mary: good enough for me.

amitkanna: what?

soundtrack_to_mary: nevermind! what do you want?!

amitkanna: i didn't get ur statement

soundtrack_to_mary: forget it.! nothing! i never said anything. ever.

amitkanna: ok
amitkanna: fine
amitkanna: r u basically from india?

soundtrack_to_mary: NO!
soundtrack_to_mary: i am basically from Texas; I told you that 10 minutes ago.

amitkanna: ok
amitkanna: i thought its a indian name (natasha)
amitkanna: us people generally will not keep such kind of name
amitkanna: that's y i asked u

soundtrack_to_mary: Oh. No, i was named after a cartoon character
soundtrack_to_mary: Natasha Fatalé on Rocky & Bulwinkle

amitkanna: oh then what i told is correct

soundtrack_to_mary: what?

amitkanna: that u must be a funny charecter.

soundtrack_to_mary: oh, haha.

amitkanna: then tell me some thing about u
amitkanna: hello

soundtrack_to_mary: something about me?

amitkanna: ya
amitkanna: any thing
amitkanna: that u would like to tell

soundtrack_to_mary: i am at work. i am very busy.

amitkanna: ha ha ha ha
amitkanna: its true for me also
amitkanna: then
amitkanna: hello
amitkanna: r u sleeping???

soundtrack_to_mary: hang on! i'm at work.

amitkanna: r u busy??

soundtrack_to_mary: yes!

amitkanna: by the way what do u do?

soundtrack_to_mary: i'm a graphic designer

amitkanna: so what and all u do in that?
amitkanna: r u really very busy?

soundtrack_to_mary: YES!

amitkanna: ok then

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