Background information: There is an Old 97s song called "Designs on you" and one line in the song goes "Trying to do right by you all night, Annette." I registered the name "all_night_annette" with Yahoo! because I thought it was a funny line when taken out of context.

way2hot4uok: what part of tx?

all_night_annette: what are you looking for, the Alamo?

way2hot4uok: rockport here

all_night_annette: There's no rockport at the Alamo.
all_night_annette: at least not since the last time i checked

way2hot4uok: rockport te
way2hot4uok: TX

all_night_annette: that's not where the alamo is.
All_night_annette: havent you seen PeeWee's big adventure?!

way2hot4uok: no shit
way2hot4uok: working on my new web cam

all_night_annette: how nice for you.

way2hot4uok: let me know if u can see me

all_night_annette: i can.

way2hot4uok: ty

all_night_annette: not anymore. it stopped

way2hot4uok: now

all_night_annette: yes. i must say i'm impressed. you are indeed way 2 hot 4 me.

way2hot4uok: cool

all_night_annette: it stopped again.
all_night_annette: you must be too hot for it, as well
all_night_annette: either that or you should demand your money back.

way2hot4uok: what?

all_night_annette: your camera apparently only works in 30 second increments

way2hot4uok: no
way2hot4uok: do u have 1

all_night_annette: nope

way2hot4uok: how about apic.?

all_night_annette: i believe theres one on my profile

way2hot4uok: ok

all_night_annette: its actually pretty accurate

way2hot4uok: cool
way2hot4uok: must be
way2hot4uok: bye

all_night_annette: i guess i'm not hot enough 4 u (ok)

way2hot4uok: nop

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