hamdanpakistan2000: not sincerely but may be for talking
hamdanpakistan2000: and i could't understand that meaning too

raine_chaser: what a respectable opening line

hamdanpakistan2000: weak vocablory

raine_chaser: that was the funniest thing i've ever read

hamdanpakistan2000: kool i just replied an message
hamdanpakistan2000: did i did some thing funny
hamdanpakistan2000: here is some thing wrong about me
hamdanpakistan2000: no one stays long with me on chat ,may be i am not that interesting to people and may be i cannot make friends
hamdanpakistan2000: i had a riend on net that was too muslim
hamdanpakistan2000: are you there/

raine_chaser: where do you draw the line at "too" muslim?
raine_chaser: muslim at all is a bit too much for me

hamdanpakistan2000: u 2 muslim

raine_chaser: (sighhhh)
raine_chaser: no, i am a devout atheist

hamdanpakistan2000: what does this mean BUZZ!!!

raine_chaser: it means i am not muslim

hamdanpakistan2000: did it ring on the other side too
hamdanpakistan2000: your net is slow or mine

raine_chaser: your net isnt all that's slow, buddy

hamdanpakistan2000: buddy mean firend or good friend/
hamdanpakistan2000: my mom is asking to have dinner so i have too to go
hamdanpakistan2000: my sisters laughing there out side that i have got some one on chat and i am not leaving it

raine_chaser: i am also laughing that you are not leaving

hamdanpakistan2000: see you some time again may b i send you a mail

raine_chaser: lookin' forward to it

hamdanpakistan2000: ok ,,,would you say good bye or just go offline

raine_chaser: okay, let's try this. you say goodbye, I'll say goodbye, then you go offline. that sounds like a plan to me

hamdanpakistan2000: ggod bye

raine_chaser: good try

hamdanpakistan2000: bye

About an hour later...

hamdanpakistan2000: U STIL THERE
hamdanpakistan2000: i thinked u r not that;s why i loged on
hamdanpakistan2000: but this time not talking BUZZ!!!
hamdanpakistan2000: ok i w't talk that
hamdanpakistan2000: only one thing? you interests
hamdanpakistan2000: waiting for 8 minus

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