aliasim_1999: What the hell is wrong with you

raine_chaser: excuse me?

aliasim_1999: yah you are excused...
aliasim_1999: Go ahead
aliasim_1999: maybe an invitation is much safe

raine_chaser: what are you talking about, you loon?

aliasim_1999: Come on ... Are you going to be friendly ornot

raine_chaser: no, not if your opening line is "what the hell is wrong with you."

aliasim_1999: oh...
aliasim_1999: actually its valecant sequence

raine_chaser: what?!

aliasim_1999: hummm
aliasim_1999: You don't play chess I think

raine_chaser: not with guys whose english I can't comprehend, no.

aliasim_1999: hummm
aliasim_1999: tu urdu maIN BOOL LOOO

raine_chaser: Yeah, that's much better, thank you.

aliasim_1999: HUMMM
aliasim_1999: kahaan say hain aap mutharama

raine_chaser: seriously, why did you ask what the hell is wrong with me? (when I am clearly the one who should be asking YOU that.)

aliasim_1999: I told you that...

raine_chaser: uh, no you didn't

aliasim_1999: When you have to beat others king you have to make a move .. so that the other person should think justabout your king and...
aliasim_1999: Ok leave it
aliasim_1999: its hard

raine_chaser: oh, okay. that makes PERFECT sense. (except for the part about how we weren't playing chess...)

aliasim_1999: yah .. but i needed attention
aliasim_1999: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aliasim_1999: thanks
aliasim_1999: Now..
aliasim_1999: Where are you from?

raine_chaser: nowhere near where you are, I hope.

aliasim_1999: I am in Pindi

raine_chaser: Oh good. I'm not.

aliasim_1999: so where are you from...
aliasim_1999: Are you lohariiiii
aliasim_1999: You look like one

raine_chaser: No

aliasim_1999: Hummm... If you are from Karachi than you areDANGEROUS

raine_chaser: Let's play a game. You name a bunch of dumb places that you think I'm from, and I'll tell you you're an idiot.
raine_chaser: Ready? GO!

aliasim_1999: Anyplace you are from is really a Dumb one

raine_chaser: likewise.

aliasim_1999: Like your home
aliasim_1999: haha
aliasim_1999: no mam its yours
aliasim_1999: You are mistaking

raine_chaser: oh, sorry...

aliasim_1999: naraz tu nahien hoo gyee hoo na

raine_chaser: now that was below the belt.

aliasim_1999: who arwe you
aliasim_1999: An English teacher or something like that
aliasim_1999: hummm
aliasim_1999: and you think that you are a girl

raine_chaser: actually, I'm fairly positive that I am, in fact, a girl.

aliasim_1999: hummm
aliasim_1999: Strange haan

raine_chaser: yeah, i've always thought haan was strange

aliasim_1999: So where do you think you are from

raine_chaser: i think it's none of your business.

aliasim_1999: you type fast
aliasim_1999: TAXAS
aliasim_1999: Actually i am in Houston now

raine_chaser: (oh dear god...) I'm somewhere far, far away from Houston. In fact, I am on the direct opposite side of the globe. In, um.. Australia... or something....

aliasim_1999: Run...

raine_chaser: I've already begun running, believe me.

aliasim_1999: Are you ever going to tell where the hell are you from actually... You are a pakistani... And I can bet onit

raine_chaser: Um, no, I'm not going to tell you where I'm from. And no, for the last god damn time, I am notPakistani.

aliasim_1999: Naam kiya hai aap kaa

raine_chaser: "naam kiya hai aap kaa" to you too, buddy.

aliasim_1999: Indian then... Thats it

raine_chaser: NO! I AM NOT INDIAN!

aliasim_1999: Ali Asim
aliasim_1999: BANGali

raine_chaser: argh garbbledy gook rarr etc

aliasim_1999: So you are from Africa
aliasim_1999: Your laungauge tells that

raine_chaser: I gotta tell ya, you are one smart cookie. Do you speak African, too?

aliasim_1999: yah
aliasim_1999: kahkfjdhu9yufbkmnvbhsfagc8890IKNK JHGJHYYGjaklh79 6 jjatgytvty fthary jkh uoklsnajfhuiy i489890389tdfhsvjja bj hjjk'
aliasim_1999: kjhoihio 9y98 yut87tgjhg rh gtyey gkjftyjh jhuiyj hjgghfghv brervbnnmn mfbvbxucjedm,kl;'puh jkjh vgdg dfgu78jk b
aliasim_1999: Naam kiya hain aap kaa janab

raine_chaser: Wow, is African your first language? because you speak it like a pro. especially all those numbers mixed in with the text. That was a dead giveaway that it's your native tongue.

aliasim_1999: Kitneen phasdii hee nahien

raine_chaser: ou-yay are-ay a-ay omplete-cay oron-may.

aliasim_1999: kiya vhandi
aliasim_1999: pataiin kar hoosh main
aliasim_1999: kiya piya hai tu nain bhi
aliasim_1999: uloo kee pathee

raine_chaser: Okay stop, dammit! i dont speak pakistani!

aliasim_1999: hahah

raine_chaser: yeah, that's pretty funny

aliasim_1999: How didi you understood "Oloo kee Pathee"

raine_chaser: i didnt!

aliasim_1999: ok


the next day...

aliasim_1999: Anyone Who won't reply is out of my friends list..... Aakhir main bhee chataa hoon kah koi mujh say bhee baat karay... har Waqat main hee aap ko hai hello kahataa rahoon aur koi jawab naa aaiyaa,,, tu kiya faidaa aaisii dosti kaa jiss main mujhay yah tak nahien pataa kah tum hoo koon... Na kabhee main aap koo dheik saktaa hoon aur naa hee sun saktaa hoon aur naa hee mill saktaa hoon....hummmm.... yah vhee koi dosti hai......It looks more foolish than kissing a toad...........

raine_chaser: if you say so.

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