Background information: There is an Old 97s song called "Designs on you" and one line in the song goes "Trying to do right by you all night, Annette." I registered the name "all_night_annette" with Yahoo! because I thought it was a funny line when taken out of context.

da_boss_662: what do you do all night ?

all_night_annette: sleep, mostly

da_boss_662: ha ha
da_boss_662: you got a pic ?

all_night_annette: theres one on my profile i believe

da_boss_662: its a drawing

all_night_annette: no its not.

da_boss_662: im looking now ... it is

all_night_annette: you're wrong. that's really me.

da_boss_662: there is a pic of a drawing

all_night_annette: listen, i cant help it if you have a problem with the way i look
all_night_annette: my teeth make me self conscious enough as it is without you harassing me

da_boss_662: ok your stupid

all_night_annette: ok my stupid?

da_boss_662: read what you just wrote....

all_night_annette: not until you read what YOU just wrote

da_boss_662: bye


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