August 1
Siren makes Seven watch Astros game on TV; Seven wonders why she hadn’t been watching them all along

August 4
Siren & Seven decide to start attending Astros games on a regular basis once they find out that the cheap seats at Enron Field are only $5

August 5
1:35pm-Siren & Seven watch game;
3:38pm-Octavio Dotel pitches;
3:39pm-Siren and Seven fall in love with him
4:48pm-Little hearts continue pouring out of Siren & Seven’s ears like in the cartoons

August 13
Seven buys giant foam hand to wave at game.

August 14
Dog chews finger off giant foam hand

August 15
Seven continues to wave gimp, half-eaten giant foam hand at baseball games

August 24
3:23pm-Seven decides to invent a new drink and name it after Octavio, the best damn pitcher in the entire world
6:10pm-Siren and Seven go shopping and buy every kind of alcohol, energy drink, juice, and citrus fruit known to man
7:21pm-Siren & Seven start mixing ingredients like mad scientists; Seven takes notes on all combinations
9:48pm-Still inventing... still drinking

August 25
4:12pm-Seven wakes up with pounding headache and takes 225% of the recommended dosage of Aleve
4:38pm-Seven vows to someday write letter thanking the makers of Aleve
7:34pm-Seven realizes what a good idea it was to take notes because she got so blotto while doing her “research” and doesn’t remember much

September 3 (Labor Day)
Seven watches baseball game with her grandfather; Seven brags to Gramps about what a great pitcher Octavio Dotel is; Octavio Dotel does crummy for the first time ever, making Gramps tease her about liking a “crummy pitcher”

September 7
Siren & Seven keep going to games in hopes of seeing Octavio pitch again that night; He doesn’t

September 22
8:40pm-Siren & Seven sneak down to the seats right behind bullpen wall
8:43pm-Seven waves frantically, Octavio sees her and waves back
8:46pm-Seven regains consciousness
8:47pm-Seven talks about how cute it was when Octavio waved
9:12pm-Siren threatens Seven with knuckle sandwich if she doesn’t shut her trap about when he waved
9:18pm-Seven gets knuckle sandwich

September 23
Siren & Seven make silly jokes about the scene from the movie GHOST where Whoopi Goldberg says, “Rita... Miller... That’s MY name... RitaMiller...” but replace “Rita Miller” with “Billy Wagner,” another Astros pitcher

September 24
8:17pm-Siren and Seven sneak into bullpen seats and peak over the wall to watch Octavio Dotel warming up again
8:19pm-Seven waves half-eaten giant foam hand at Octavio; He waves back; Seven maintains composure this time
8:55pm-Siren & Seven repeat Rita Miller/Billy Wagner joke a few times
8:56pm-Billy Wagner hears them and shoots them a look
8:57pm-Siren and Seven decide not to mock Billy Wagner anymore and focus their attention on other things
9:38pm-Seven receives 2nd knuckle sandwich for failing to go 30 seconds without bringing up when Octavio waved at her

September 25
7:05pm-Seven brings Mom and her boyfriend to the game, Siren abandons them to sit in bullpen seats
8:20pm-Siren spots Octavio Dotel putting Sweet-N-Lo in his tea
8:43pm-Siren tells Seven about how cute it was when Octavio put Sweet-N-Lo in his tea
11:59pm-Siren and Seven continue discussing Sweet-N-Lo

September 26
10:54am-Siren and Seven continue discussing Sweet-N-Lo
7:15pm-Siren goes to game alone and attempts to sneak to bullpen seats; She is sent away by drill sergeant/ticket checker and comes home early

September 27
5:30pm-Seven decides to make feature for the website about Octavio and her drink inventing 7:13pm-Seven realizes she better haul ass if she wants to get it done before the season is over so she can show it to Octavio
9:38pm-Seven goes to the store and buys a packet of Big League Chew to get inspired

Friday, September 28
Seven chews Big League Chew; She remembers the last time the chewed this foul-tasting crap when she was a kid and vows never to buy it again as long as she lives

Sunday, September 30
Siren & Seven watch GHOST on tv and are disappointed to see that they have edited out the part where Whoopi Goldberg says “Rita...Miller...That’s MY name...”

Monday, October 1
4:00pm-Seven says “Jesus Christ! Tomorrow is the LAST game we have tickets for! I better get a move on!”
4:08pm-Seven tells all the sales reps at her job to buzz off; Uses company time & equipment to design and write material for Octavio website and doesn’t care since she’s quitting this lame-ass job anyway
6:22pm-Seven drives home and scurries to figure out exactly how to get the message to Octavio that she made him a website; She hears “My Sharona” on the radio and turns it way up with the windows down, annoying the passers-by

Wednesday, October 3
6:35pm-Siren & Seven go to Astros game
8:38pm-Siren & Seven sneak down to bullpen and give Octavio the address to this website