We tried tons of combinations before we came up with the final masterpiece.
Read Seven's notes on the ones that didn't make the final cut, and the drunken road to perfection:

180 energy drink, Goldschlager, orange juice, lemonade- This tastes like ass. Never make this again. Never put Goldschlager in anything except my mouth. Siren says it tastes like Christmas.

KMX energy drink, Peach schnapps, orange juice- Not too bad. Bland. Tastes carroty and orange. It's a good drink having a bad night. Needs to be much colder and have a much higher alcohol content. Siren named it a "furry navel" after Beck (the big orange cat).

Bacardi, Lemonade, orange juice, Sobe Adrenaline Rush energy drink- Pretty good. Extremely grapefruity. To me it tastes like a greyhound, but Siren doesn't like it. Also needs to be colder.

Skyy vodka, Sobe adrenaline rush, orange juice, pear nectar- Tastes great, but it's too breakfasty. Too opaque because of the nectar. Needs more carbonation and less fruit or something. Barpheigh (the other cat) wants some.

Skyy, Sobe adrenaline rush, tonic, lime- This one is my favorite so far. Fabulous beyond words. I love key limes! I wish Siren would wake up so she could try it too.

Skyy, pear nectar, tonic, lime- Siren's first try. Yay! Same problem with the too-thick pear juice though. Breakfasty. Regular juice would be better than nectar

Gin, tonic, sobe adrenaline rush, lemonade, lime- Not too bad, just tastes like a gin & tonic. Looks much cooler than one, though because it's yellower. Maybe add some orange juice or something.

Peach nectar, tonic, peach schnapps, splash of vodka- tastes like a generic peachy drink. Pretty good. We shouldn't be drinking it while watching Sex & the City. If the characters were real, they'd think we were dorks.

Gin, orange juice, cranberry juice- Gin reminds Siren of getting sick (that one time we had too many gins & tonic) but we like it in small quantities.

Skyy, Hansen's energy drink, lemonade, cranberry, lime- This brand of energy drink tastes like rancid cough syrup, but the rest might be okay. It tastes like something that has already been invented. The lime didn't help as much as it usually does when a drink sucks.

Red Bull, Bacardi Limon, cranberry juice, lime- Not bad at all...I am now officially addicted to key limes. This one is definitely among my favorites so far.

Red Bull, Bacardi O, Lemonade, lime- Oh yes yes yes. We have a winner. This is the best thing I've ever tasted in my life. Hip Hip Hooray!