Heppey New Year - NEW 1/30

u feel a tingeling in ur body - NEW 1/30

iam mam - NEW 1/30

ok your stupid - NEW 1/30

ok i thoght i saw a different pick soory - NEW 1/30

UR Vryslow

here is one idot saying hello to u

way 2 hot 4 u ok


ok, i am in action, i am doing

kya haal hai ap ak

it is not necessary to make v chart

talk some good too and and and

weak vocablory

but u understand me rong dear but i m not rong

u r relly a too proudy gal

u like to watch?
*warning: contains penis pictures!

i am sittin at work with my cvock hanging out

ok give my your nommer


r u basically from india?

wil u mary mi?

All Night Annette

r u raciest

What does it mean????????????????????

Help Starving Children, you Fucking Worthless Loser!

You am whever I say??!

I'm in the scean, R U?

Do U Need Sex Now?

shut up, you know nuthin, aight?

with a atrategically placed ribbon

me play with my teen heard on

when you regret you want to contact me!

and if i would shrink u now with my raygun

this may cause stomach upset

You have told me sth sth

meet or mate?

What the hell is wrong with you?

honey xan wer talk tomorow?

Dat bout all U's good for

You might get a little caugh

me is waiting!

Do You Speak English?

You'll worship more than your toaster.

Hi, how are you? Hi, how are you? Hi how are...

well...I hope there are some available females to kiss


talk you cunts!

We have our first set of GUEST CONVERSATIONALISTS:
i spellt that wronge for a reason-NEW! 11.7.02

check your male-NEW! 11.7.02
*warning: contains penis pictures!